•  2019-2020

    Welcome to Title I ! We have an exciting, learning-filled year ahead of us. We’ll be spending a lot of time together, so here is information to share that will help us all have a great year.  


    Every member of our team at OIMS works hard and plays hard, giving our best. My job as the teacher is to teach, coach, lead, assist, organize, manage, encourage, and activate learning. The student’s job is to listen, follow, participate, ask for help, give help, learn, and be a valuable member of our team. Each family member’s job is to support the work done in school by asking questions, checking up on goals set and attained, and keeping the lines of communication open between the student and the teacher(s). When the student, family, and teacher and school all work together, the team effort makes a BIG difference! 



     The best predictors of success in school is grit and self-control. Grit is a determination to achieve, to overcome, to meet goals. It is not IQ, state test scores, family income, the clothes one wears, or the technology one uses. It is grit. Self-control is more powerful than IQ is determining academic success. Discipling one's self means choosing to do what is best for one's self, often choosing to do the hard thing. 



    We believe every student has the right to learn. Therefore, we expect each person in our building to be respectful, responsible, prepared, productive, and self-controlled.  


    Contact me if you have any questions or concerns. It is much easier to solve issues early on rather than wait for problems to resolve themselves. Drop an email or call me. We can meet in person, if necessary.   


    Finally, thank you for your help in making our year great! As we work together, let’s strive to be GRITTY OVER-COMERS, HEROES of our own stories as we CHANGE OUR WORLD! 


    When we leave in June, 2020, we will confidently say, “I am a problem-solver, a good collaborator, flexible and adaptable, a critical thinker, a good communicator, globally competent, innovative and creative, financially literate, and a technology and information wizard!  


    Let’s get learning!  


    Ms. Meyer

    Title I Reading and Math

    Room 137
Last Modified on August 23, 2019