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    - No food or drinks
    -  Stay quiet
    - Stay seated 
    - Don't share your password
    - Don't change the settings
    - Leave your area clean
    - Don't print unless told to
    Failure to follow these
    rules may result in computer time lost. 
    - Be caring
    - Be honest
    - Be responsible 
    - Be respectful
    - Be kind
    - Be encouraging 

    This year in the lab I will be able to accompany all of the teachers with their classes, and help with any questions that your children may have. I also will help Mrs. Ketchner with the STAR testing that your children take during the year.

     In the computer lab respect for the equipment, and following the rules is a MUST. I want to make sure your child gets the most out of his/her computer lab time, and is able to finish projects and learn the most that they can.