• Mission Statement: We believe that each and every student in the Olean City School District is capable of communicating.  All students with speech and language needs will be provided intervention services with the intention of remediation.  As a team, we are committed to facilitating students’ optimal communication development. 
    Any questions or concerns about your child's speech-language development, Please feel free to contact us.

    Kelly Andreano, Department Chair          East View/Olean High/CPSE                                  kandreano followed by @oleanschools.org  

    Angela Cottone                                         Washington West                                                     acottone followed by @oleanschools.org

    Emily DeFazio                                          East View                                                                edefazio followed by @oleanschools.org

    Marnie Finch                                             Washington West                                                     mfinch followed by @oleanschools.org

    Hannah Forrest                                         East View/OIMS                                                      hforrest followed by @oleanschools.org

    Jackie Giardini                                         OIMS/OHS                                                               jgiardini followed by @oleanschools.org

    Kristin Gustason                                       East View                                                                  kgustason followed by @oleanschools.org

    Ellie Hoffman                                           Washington West                                                     ehoffman followed by @oleanschools.org

    Karen Zampogna                                      OIMS                                                                       kzampogna followed by @oleanschools.org