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    You will find information below on how to locate your learning materials for both Algebra 2 and Math Topics during the time that school is closed due to the virus concerns. Both classes should consult their respective lesson plan tab to the left to try and stay on track with their tasks. If you have any issues, and cannot contact me through TEAMS, then feel free to email me at dshaw followed by @oleanschools.org


    Algebra 2:

    UPDATED 4/13

    I have added new assignments. Continue to check under the Algebra 2 Lesson plans tab to the right to see what is due. The UNIT 12 new material (below) will be OPTIONAL at this point for you to complete as you will still want to know these skills for PreCalculus next year.

    ***You will still find the video lessons under the lesson plan tab as you always have. We will also be using the TEAMS app to get the other materials that you will need during this time (notes/assignments). The notes and assignments will not need to be submitted via TEAMS, but should be brought back to class when school is back in session. By clicking the below link it will allow you locate the needed materials. You may have to sign in using your Office 365 student log-in. You are able to reach out to me and ask any questions that you may have via the TEAMS app. You can either print the notes and assignments, or write things down on separate notebook paper if needed. Do not stress over these assignments, just do the best that you can as always. We will clean up any loose ends when we get back.




    Math Topics:  You have been assigned a new assignment, to keep up on what is due please refer to the "Math Topics Lesson Plans" tab to the left of the page. You have been assigned some practice Algebra 1 questions on Castle Learning to practice and keep your skills up. Complete the work on a separate sheet of paper and submit answers where applicable on Castle Learning. If you get something wrong be sure to look at the explanation so you can help yourself get it correct next time. I have put a schedule/timeline on the "Math Topics Lesson Plan" tab to the left to help you try to stay on pace. If you have any questions or issues with your log-in please reach out to me via email.


     Teacher Schedule 
    Period 1: Algebra II                
    Period 2: Algebra II
    Period 3: Prep
    Period 4: Lunch
    Period 5: Lunch Duty
    Period 6: Algebra II
    Period 7: Algebra II
    Period 8: Math Topics

    Room Number: 26

    Email: dshaw followed by @oleanschools.org

    Phone: (716) 375-8010 ext. 3026

     Classroom Rules
    1) Be on time.
    2) Be prepared
    3) Give your best effort.
    4) Always be respectful.
    5) DO YOUR BEST!!
Last Modified on April 14, 2020