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    Name: Sue Ann Torrey
    Room Number: 309
    Phone Number: (716)375-8010 ext 3309

                  Updated June 11th - TODAY IS THE LAST DAY I WILL ACCEPT ANY LATE WORK
    All students--there is no new work assigned.  Please check the portal to see what zeros you have.  
    Flipgrids and partner chats are very important to make up as there are fewer of them so they are weighted more heavily. 
    Certainly Duolingo and nuggets are important as well, but do the Flipgrids and partner chats first.  
    I will accept these speaking assignments via my e-mail if you are uncomfortable submitting them on the Flipgrid app or in teams.  
    ***Attention 10th graders in Spanish 3
    A passing grade for this course will grant you your  language credit necessary for  your Advanced Regents Diploma; thus your continued effort in 4th quarter is very important.
    *****Attention Spanish 5 students
    This course is for both HS and JCC credit.  Please double check that all assignments (nuggets/yabla/Talk Abroad) are totally complete.  
    A grade lower than a C will not transfer to any other college.  
    Your JCC final exam consists of 4 parts:
    1.Culture Project -due May 14
    2. Talk Abroad #3 Conversation -due May 29
    This is already posted in Teams and on the Talk Abroad site
    3. Talk Abroad #3 Reflection -due May 29
    The page is ready for you in your class notebook.
    4. Interpretive Reading - due June 3rd.
    This will be posted in Teams on June 1st.
    I hope you all are staying well.  If you are in need of anything, please don't hesitate to reach out.  
    Check out my other pages here to find lesson plans and online resources that you should be using.
    Stay healthy and safe!



Last Modified on June 11, 2020