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    Name: Mr. DeGolier
    Room Number: 136
    Phone Number: 375-8010 ext. 3136

    Welcome to my website. Information concerning Algebra, A1-A, and CEA should be found on the appropriate pages. I hope this is an enjoyable year for you!
    During this time we are out of the classroom my office hours will be from:
    OFFICE HOURS:  8-9 am & 3-4 pm
    *** This means I should be able to respond to a question that you have relatively quickly, definitely within the hour.  That is not to say that you shouldn't shoot me an email at any other time of the day and I will respond as quickly as I can.  Just send me an email!  Thanks!
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B1 Champs
  • Teacher Schedule:

    • Period -1: CEA
    • Period 1: Algebra 1A
    • Period 2: Prep
    • Period 3: Common Core Algebra1
    • Period 4: Lunch Monitoring
    • Period 5: Common Core Algebra 1
    • Period 6: Lunch
    • Period 7: Common Core Algebra 1
     OFFICE HOURS WHILE OFF: 8-9 am & 3-4 pm