Welcome to Miss Brightman's 7th Grade ELA

  • *We are going to begin the transition from assignments being posted on my teacher webpage to using Microsoft Teams. Although this "phase" has not fully started yet, please make sure you have joined your class period using the invite I sent out, leave a comment and follow the directions on my Welcome Message!*


    Until we can return to school, I will continue adding ELA assignments and activities to the Calendar. I will send out ClassTag reminders to any parent that previously signed up for the notifications, but please check the Calendar for daily assignments. I will also check my school email multiple times a day. I hope this is a temporary fix and I get to see you all soon!

    Students have three things to complete each day for ELA and they are all posted on the Calendar:

    1. Bell Ringer 

    2. Independent Reading

    3. Daily instructional assignment 


    *It is suggested that students spend approximately 20-25 minutes per day on ELA. Students will not be penalized in anyway if they cannot complete these assignments (for whatever reason). These activities are just to keep the student's "minds on" learning.


    If you are able to print off the assignments, that would be great and then you can take a photo of the finished product and email it to me! If not, please complete work on Office 365 (Microsoft Word) and share the document with me!

    *If you are unable to access Office 365, write your answers separate sheet of paper.  Then, email the document or a picture of your work to me. You can also ask a family member or friends to email the document or picture to me. 

    Office 365 Login Information:

    Username: first initial last name 25@oleanschools.org

    Password: first and last initial (capitalized), plus last four digits of student ID (lunch card) number


     If you need your Office 365 Login Information, please email me directly! 



    Room 302

    Email: mbrightman (@) oleanschools.org

    Phone: 716-375-8060 ext. 4302


    OIMS Mission/Vision:

    Preparing for future success...

    one student at a time.

  • My Daily Schedule:

    Period 1: Prep
    Period 2: ELA 7
    Period 3: ELA 7/Co-Taught
    Period 4: Prep/AIS
    Period 5: ELA 7/Co-Taught
    Period 6: Lunch
    Period 7: Team Meeting
    Period 8: ELA 7
    Period 9: AIS