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    The technology vision of the Olean City School District has the following focus:


    ·    The integration of technology within and across all curriculum and administrative areas.

    ·    The continued examination and updating of our  comprehensive staff development program to ensure appropriate and effective use of technology.

    ·    The  preparation of students and staff to understand and utilize multiple types of technology.

    ·    The equitable distribution and access to technology equipment and materials for all.

    ·    To restructure/complement the learning environment, promoting technology as an alternative to traditional methods.




    Olean City School District buildings are connected by fiber optic cable and have Broadband access to the Internet. The main network equipment is located at the Senior High School. This allows for ease of access, repair and common file locations.  The district phone system runs through this fiber optic cable as well.  This allowed for the cancellation of ten T-1 phone lines.


    District Libraries:


    All district libraries are automated with OPALS Software with catalogs available for searching through the Internet at High School: https://hs-olean.wnysls.org/bin/home, Intermediate Middle School: https://ms-olean.wnysls.org/bin/home, East View: https://ev-olean.wnysls.org/bin/home, and Washington West: https://ww-olean.wnysls.org/bin/home  The building library catalogs are included in the Regional Catalog for WNY. 


    Teacher Technology Tools:


    All teachers have access to email  in-district through Lotus Notes  and at home through Web Notes. High School teachers use a grade book, which is tied to eSchool Data, our student information system. Teachers submit their grades electronically for report card printing.  The Intermediate Middle School teachers take attendance and submit grades via the web as well.  A Parent Portal is available through eSchool Data to view their student(s) grades, assignments and attendance. A growing number of teachers in the school system post events and assignments on the WWW to their teacher pages.  Staff development is a continual process. The district is very proud of the teacher’s growth and enthusiasm for the use of technology.