• Olean Strategic Planning

    In November 2022, the Olean City School District will begin developing a new district-wide strategic plan. We intend to bring the members of our school community, including parents, students, teachers, administrators, support staff, community members, and residents together to discuss and develop a plan to elevate student success for years to come.

    What is a Strategic Plan?

    Strategic planning is an ongoing process in high-performing schools and districts. A strategic plan is a vehicle that allows our district to look at its future. Through visioning, developing a mission, examining core values, and setting achievable goals, the district moves toward achieving school improvement. This work supports the vision/mission and goals of the Board of Education to keep us focused on the studentcentered community of excellence in which all members are challenged to learn, achieve, contribute, and innovate.

    What’s Our Process?

    The process will involve three phases:

    In phase one, key stakeholders will focus on building upon what is working well in our schools while also gathering information regarding our current reality. Participants will be encouraged to provide feedback in multiple ways, including by survey, questionnaires, and a storytelling process to share about a time when the Olean City School District and our schools “did right” by a student. This process allows us to collectively determine common strengths of the district that will shape our work and culture moving forward.

    Additionally, during this period, we will form and convene our Olean City School District Strategic Thinking Team. We will hold five sessions to work on the Strategic Plan. The team will be composed of multiple stakeholders, as listed below. We will revisit our mission, vision statement, and develop a 3–5-year plan for our district. Additionally, we will have five sessions with our administrative team to ensure all our existing plans and curricular initiatives/programs are aligned with our strategic direction. 

    Proposed Composition of Strategic Thinking Team

    • Three high school students
    • Three secondary teachers
    • Three elementary teachers
    • Four support staff
    • Three community members
    • Three parents
    • Three business leaders
    • Three board of education members
    • Administrators



    In phase two, stakeholders will work with the key areas established in phase one to set goals and develop action plans for these areas. The administrative team will be tasked with crafting strategic actions around the strategic priorities and reporting to the superintendent and the board of education on their progress, accomplishments, and outcomes. 

    If you are interested in seeing the Action Steps that we plan on taking to implement the new strategic plan, click HERE

    For a more detailed progression of the process, click HERE to see the presentation to the BOE concerning our strategic plan.

    The following is a more refined, targeted set of District Goals and Next Steps for the 2023-24 school year.

    In phase three, district and school teams will refine the implementation plan in each school that includes checkpoints to monitor and celebrate success.