• Olean Wrestling 

     Team Rules
      2016 -  2017

    1)      Wrestlers must be dressed and prepared to practice.  

    2)      Wrestlers need a clean towel, shampoo, soap, sweatshirt, shorts, t-shirt, running shoes, and wrestling shoes available to them at all practices. If wrestlers don't have clean clothing to practice in, they will sit out of practice and it will be counted as an absence from practice. Wrestlers are not permitted to wear shorts with zippers or cut off t-shirts.  Sweatshirts are not allowed to be worn during practice unless running outside of the complex.   

    3)    Taking showers after every practice session, match, or tournament is mandatory. There are multiple skin conditions that can sideline an entire team or ruin a wrestler's season.  Cleaning mats with disinfectant daily, encouraging athletes to wear only clean clothing, and showering after practice and competitions are all items we can control and will. Wrestlers who don't shower will face disciplinary action at the coaches discretion.    

     4)      If a wrestler misses practice the day before a match or tournament, that wrestler may not be permitted to wrestle in that event.

     5)      Wrestlers who miss wrestle-offs for unexcused reasons will not be permitted in the line-up until the next wrestle off, unless there is an open weight class for them to compete in.

     6)      The coaching staff will develop the best line-up to win as a team.  Wrestlers may be directed to wrestle at their lowest certified weight class throughout the regular season.

     7)      If a varsity wrestler misses five unexcused practices, that wrestler will be excused from the team.  Two late practices will be considered an unexcused practice. If a wrestler claims they  have an injury during practice and sits out of practice because of it, they will need a doctor's note to return to practice, or that practice will count as unexcused.

         The following reasons for missing practice are permitted.

          -An injury that has been diagnosed by either the school trainer or a certified physician (the school nurse and the coach will need a copy of the diagnosis)

          -An illness that was diagnosed by a certified physician (written excuses from parents will not be accepted)

          - A death of a  family member or friend

           - Family court 
           -College visitation
           -SAT's or ACT's
           -Any other reasons must be discussed with coach O'Connor, and will be handled on an individual basis. 


    8) Misconduct at practice, matches, and tournaments will not be permitted.

           This includes, but is not limited to:

                -not listening to coaches during a match

                 -harassing team members, fans or others

                -using obscene or abusive language

                -being disrespectful to coaching staff, fans, parents or other athletes



                -acts of insubordination

                -hazing of any kind

                -unsportsmanlike conduct during competition

                -flagrant misconduct during competition


               Discipline for athlete misconduct may include, but is not limited to:

                -extra conditioning

                -removing the athlete from that event and/ or future events

                -suspending the athlete from the team for a given time period at the coach’s


                -dismissal from the team
    9)  All wrestlers will continue to participate in practices up to the Section 6 Tournament.  Wrestlers who do not choose to continue to practice with their teammates will be dropped from the team roster.  Those wrestlers will not be eligible for any awards, will not earn their varsity letter, and will not be eligible to attend any banquets. 
    10.)  Wrestling is a training sport. Wrestlers need to be in good physical condition to compete at a high level, and to reduce injury. When athletes miss practice they will complete additional conditioning after the following practice.  Types of additional conditioning will be at the coach's discretion. 
    *Overnight stays are a privilege, not a right.  The coaching staff reserves the right to deny overnight privileges to any wrestler who breaks team rules or does not demonstrate a maturity level conducive to overnight stays.  If a wrestler is not allowed to participate in competition that includes an overnight stay, they will not be permitted to participate in such competition.  This includes all post season events. 

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