To provide the best possible art program as part of the total educational process.  All art courses stress the development of a visual vocabulary, based upon the elements and principles of art.  Students are encouraged to become creative problem solvers through their individual responses to aesthetic problems and challenges.



    A full year foundation course designed to provide a background for students who wish to take advanced art courses and to provide a broad, general background in the visual arts as part of a good general education.  In the first semester, the emphasis is on fundamentals of drawing while in the second semester a wide variety of art experiences are offered based on understanding, appreciation and application of elements and principles of art.  A weekly sketchbook assignment is given to increase the student's visual communication skills.  Required for an art major.

                Prerequisite for all advanced courses.



    Students will be provided the opportunity to study and create various crafts, including but not limited to: stained glass, pewter casting, papermaking, marbling, bookbinding and jewelry.  Most projects will not require basic preliminary drawings as a preparation to project creation.  Craftsmanship and the importance of each step of craft creation are stressed.  An awareness of the craft and aesthetic contributions from various cultures and times will be stressed.



    This full or half year course is designed for the student who is interested in clay, giving the student a chance to work in three-dimensional art forms.  It includes various hand-built techniques, use of the potter's wheel, ceramic sculpture, a study of the history of ceramics and contemporary uses of clay.

    No prerequisite.



    This course explores the various techniques associated with drawing and painting in a wide range of media:  pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, oil, and acrylics.  Students will be exposed to artists and painting throughout history from pre-Renaissance to contemporary works.  Required for an art major.

    Prerequisite:  Studio Art



    This course is designed to enhance students’ visual communication skills, analysis of mass media and its impact on consumers, in both two and three-dimensional media.  Students will reflect on personal issues expressed through art production that may include drawing, painting, clay, and/or computer technology.  Students will be involved, but not limited to the creation of logos, business cards, fonts, products, self-portraits, masks, urns, tiles.  Required for an art major.

    Prerequisite:  Studio Art



    A credit art course in which the preparation of portfolios and the assembly of a body of work that conveys technical and mental growth.  This course is set up in accordance with national AP standards.  Each student electing to take this course is required to complete either; one of 3 portfolios or 30 pieces of work, in both cases including slides of their work.  Students interested in pursuing Advanced Placement Art credit would be given that opportunity.

    Prerequisites:  Studio Art, Design and Drawing/Painting 1, or teacher’s permission.


    Art Requirement met through Technology




    A one-unit course that encourages visual problem solving using a common graphic language to describe forms in the man-made environment.  Included are six basics areas of technical drawing: orthographic, projection, pictorial, drawing, sections, auxiliaries, revolutions, transitions, and development, plus the elements of design.  To enable the students to analyze, creatively design, and critically evaluate these forms, the syllabus requires researching for historical precedents, cultural references, environmental impact and future vision.  This course can be used to fulfill the art/music requirement.