• Physical Education Requirements



                Physical Education is an integral part of the total educational process. It gives students the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, and socially through the use of physical activity.  Physical Education helps students achieve the skills, physical fitness, knowledge, social qualities and attitudes that will allow them to develop an optimal quality of life and well being.

                Physical Education supports the broad goals of education by encouraging students to participate in lifelong activities and by giving them the personal living skills that make this possible.  This is achieved through the pursuit of skills and knowledge in movement, understanding the effects of physical activity upon the body, feelings of adequacy and mastery and the development of a personal value system regarding physical activity.



                The goal of physical education is to foster personal living skills through positive and enjoyable learning experience and to promote the knowledge and appreciation of lifetime activity for healthy living through active participation.



                Attendance:  In accordance with New York State law, all students are required to attend and participate in physical education.


                Credit:  The New York State Commissioner of Education regulations require the granting of two units of credit for successful completion of physical education in grades 9-12.  One half unit of credit is granted for each year of successful completion.  The Commissioner’s regulations also require all students to be scheduled in physical education each week of each semester of each school year.



    Student receive a numerical grade in physical education each marking period.  The final grade for the year will be an average of the four marking period grades received.  Grading is based on the following:



    Each class is worth 5 points.  In order to receive the 5 points, the student must change clothes for the class and actively participate in the day’s activity.  Attendance and active participation are necessary in order to achieve maximum points.  Being unprepared for class deducts 5 points for the class.  If the student misses more than 4 classes for being unprepared in any given quarter, additional points will be deducted.  If a student is absent from class more than three times in a marking period, each absence thereafter will result in a five point deduction from his/her grade for each class absent.  Points will be deducted for swearing in class.

    Attitude & Effort

    The student’s attitude & effort in class is a high priority.  This is a participation class and to receive full credit, an effort towards doing your best must be shown.  If the student is not cooperative then grade points will be deducted.


    Cognitive Knowledge

    A written quiz or project will be given at the end of each marking period based on the activities offered. 



    Seniors who participate in a varsity sport, can elect to opt out of physical education class during their sports season.  They will receive a pass/fail grade for that quarter.  This grade will not be averaged into the class ranking.  Only grades receieved in regular Physical Education class will be averaged into the class ranking.  Athletes are required to attend physical education class immediately following the conclusion of their season.  ATHLETES MUST OBTAIN A FORM FROM THEIR PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS FOR EACH SEASON THEY OPT OUT!!  This must be done within the first week of their season or the first week after cuts have been made.  A senior athlete must be in good standing (passing) in physical education class to be able to opt out.



    A morning physical education class has been offered in the past to students starting in January at 6:00 a.m., four times a week.  Weight Lifting and Plymetrics are the core of this course.  A student choosing this option, must remain in this class for the full semester and can only join in at the beginning of January or the beginning of the 3rd or 4th quarters,  This student will remain for the full quarter and receive a grade for the period he / she is enrolled.



                A change of clothes is required to participate in physical education class.  These clothes are NOT to be the clothes that were worn to school.  Proper attire will consist of gym shorts or sweat pants, t-shirt or sweatshirt, socks and sneakers.



                All students will have the use of a gym locker.  Combination locks will be provided and must remain in the locker room.  There will be a $5.00 fee for lost or stolen locks.  Valuables should be kept locked up during class.  Showers are not required but are available upon student request. 



                State regulations require that all students who are not capable of participating in regular physical education be provided with adaptive physical education.  Students on temporary or extended medical excuses will remain in their assigned physical education class and will be provided with adaptive activities.  The school medical office will submit to the attending physician a “Physical Education Medical Recommendation Form” which allows the physical education teacher to adapt the program to meet the needs of the student.  Students that are excused for 1 day by their parents must complete a worksheet to gain full credit for the day.  Students that are medically excused from all participation for an extended period of time will be assigned additional work to be completed before the end of the activity they have been assigned to.  This is in addition to their daily assignment.