apple  Welcome to the Red Team!  

    R - Responsible    E - Excellent     D - Diligent   
    Assignments for today:  1/20/22
    Math:   surface area of polyhedrons
             thinkers due Jan. 26
    Reading:     read 15 minutes
                  15 AR points due 1/28
    Science:   none
    Social Studies:  Iliad crossword
    ELA Assignments for the following teachers:
     - Mrs. Bean:  Marspatal power points
     - Mrs. Dempsey:   Marspatal power points
     - Mr. Jodush:    sent.  9 & 10 & quiz
     - Mr. Wentz:    none

     Sixth Grade Supply List for 2021-2022:


    Please purchase the following supplies before the 2020-2021 school year begins:

                1 set of ear buds         

                1 Package of loose-leaf paper

                3 Basic three-ringed binders (1 inch or 1 ½ inch)

                1 writing or author’s journal

                Colored pencils or markers

                1Package of multi-colored highlighters


                Pens (blue or black ink only; no gel pens)

                1 Container of disinfectant wipes for homeroom

                2 Boxes of tissues for homeroom


    Before the first day of school you should:

                - Please bring a chapter book to read for the first week.

                - Place your first and last name on every folder and binder.

                - Place a small amount of loose leaf paper inside each binder and folder.

                - Neatly label each of your three-ringed binders as:

                                              Math, Science and Social Studies



    Red Team Teacher Pages:


    Mrs. Bean - Social Studies
    Mrs. Hendrix - Math
    Mr. Jodush - Science and Health
    Mrs. Dempsey - Reading
    Mr. Wentz - ELA and Math


    Mrs. Hendrix - Math
             khendrix followed by @oleanschools.org
    Mr. Jodush - Language Arts, Science and  Health
             ljodush followed by @oleanschools.org
    Mrs. Bean - Language Arts and Social Studies
             abean followed by @oleanschools.org
    Mrs. Dempsey - Language Arts and Reading
             ldempsey followed by @oleanschools.org 
    Mr. Wentz - Language Arts and Math
              awentz followed by @oleanschools.org
    It is recommended that students maintain an agenda. This is a “to do” list in which assignments, upcoming tests and projects are listed daily.
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