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    This website was created to assist students and parents. This is a tentative list, and it is recommended that the agenda provided to the students at the beginning of the year be used to keep track of assignments. As often as possible, students are given science work on Thursday or Friday for the following week.  This website is also usually updated at that time. 
    If you have any questions, please contact me through the e-mail. Place your child's name in the subject line, as I may not recognize your e-mail address.

    Mrs. Gayton
    Grade 7 Science
    OIMS Room Number: 235
    Phone Number: 375-8060, Ext. 4235 
    Grade 8 Science
    OHS Room Number: 336
    Phone Number: 375-8000, Ext. 3336  

    SCIENCE 7:

    Week of February 3

    Monday:  Vocab Quiz Friday (List 13)

    Tuesday:  Lesson Outlines due Thursday   

    Wednesday:  Lesson Outlines due tomorrow

    Thursday:  Worksheets 13,36,52

                         Vocab quiz tomorrow

    Friday:  Worksheets 19,32,54

                    Test next Thursday


    Week of February 10

    Monday:  worksheets 20,38,60

    Tuesday:  worksheets 23,44,57

    Wednesday:  worksheets 24,43,51

                              Study for test

    Thursday:  None

    Friday:  None



    SCIENCE 8:

    Week of 
























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