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    Materials needed for class this school year:  1.5" binder, pens, pencils.
    You should be maintaining a binder for this class.  All work should be placed in the binder.
     Contacts for Tech Support:

    Hardware – email  OCSDTechSupport followed by @oleanschools.org 

    Software – e-mail dlasky followed by @oleanschools.org


    Dear Families, 

    I hope things are going well for our students and you!

    I would like to give you some information to help you along in my Science classes.

    We meet EVERY DAY during our scheduled class time.  Classes are scheduled as follows:

    • Period 1   8:20 to 9:11         Homeroom and Science 7
    • Period 2   9:11 to 9:54         Science 7
    • Period 4   10:50 to 11:35     Science 8
    • Period 5   11:40 to 12:25     Science 8
    • Period 6   12:30 to 1:15       Science 8

    Although we meet every day, we may not be online for the whole period.

    Other helpful information:

              Homework is posted weekly on this website.  Please see below (and make sure you are looking at the correct grade level!)

             *  Every Wednesday is a vocabulary quiz.  We meet briefly online at the beginning of class and then after class they are to immediately take the quiz.  (It is posted at 8 AM, so it may be completed before class.) We review vocab every day and I remind your students daily of the quiz.  Students can click on links on the left side to go to quizlet to practice anytime!

             *  All tests are announced at least one week in advance.  All tests are taken in person.  The Black Cohort students take their test on the first day. 

    The best way to contact me is through email.  Parent Square is available, and also rgayton followed by @oleanschools.org     I can also be reached through the Chat feature in Teams.  I will get back to you as soon as I’m able.


    SCIENCE 7: 

    Week of November 16:

         Monday: Test tomorrow and Thursday

         Tuesday: Ch 1 Lesson Outlines due after break (blue)

         Wednesday: Test tomorrow 

         Thursday: None

         Friday: Ch 1 Lesson Outlines due after break (blue)



    Week of November 9:

         Monday:  Classwork and homework: worksheets 13,17,43,55

           Tuesday:  Vocab Quiz THURSDAY (List 8)

                          Classwork and homework: worksheets 19,37,62

           Wednesday:  NO SCHOOL (Vocab quiz tomorrow)

           Thursday:  Test Tuesday and Thursday

           Friday:  Classwork and homework: worksheets 24,31,50

                        Test Tuesday and Thursday



    SCIENCE 8:  

     Week of November 16:

         Monday:  Vocab Quiz Wednesday (List 8)

                        worksheets 23,15,56 due Wednesday

           Tuesday:  Study for vocab quiz (quizlet links in column on the left!)

                         worksheets 24,34,61 due Thursday

           Wednesday:  Take vocab quiz (List 8) before 2 PM

                               worksheets 13,31,52 due tomorrow

           Thursday: worksheets 18,42,62 due tomorrow  

           Friday:  TEST MONDAY FOR EVERYONE (see stars in lesson outlines)


     Week of November 9:

         Monday:  Vocab Quiz TOMORROW (List 8) - No school Wednesday

                         Homework:  wksts 13,28 

           Tuesday:  Classwork and homework: worksheets 19,43,32,18

           Wednesday:  No school - Veterans' Day

           Thursday:  Lesson Outlines - Green (ch 2, lessons 1,2,3) due Monday

           Friday:  Lesson Outlines - Green (ch 2, lessons 1,2,3) due Monday
























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