• Robocall from April 20, 2020

    Good Morning Huskyville:

    This is your Monday Morning pep talk from your fearless leader Mr. Moore.  Shake and stretch you Huskies Spring is in the air.  We hope this message finds all of the Huskies in good health and being safe.  Remember to help your parents around the house.  Pick up and ask what you can do to help.

    As we really do not know when we are going to get back to normal I have some tips.  You have an opportunity to get better grades in school this marking period than you ever have before.  Just do the work your teachers are requesting of you to the best of your ability.  Hard work in these times of remote learning will be rewarded with excellent grades.  So rub your paws together, wag your tail, and get busy.

    Fun! We are producing an online COVID 19 Circus of the Sun.  This is a remote online circus which will be featured on our website.  We are looking for talented Huskies and all Huskies have talent.  We are looking for pictures of art work, poems, stories, dance routines, singing, playing your musical instrument, short movies or videos, slide shows, gymnastic routines, imitations of people, skits, lip synch, skateboard or bicycle tricks, magic acts, juggling, science projects, lego construction, new inventions, magic tricks, even stupid pet tricks.  Just film them or email them to your teacher, principal, and Mr. Lasky dlasky@oleanschools.org.  We will review the submissions and then feature them on our website.  Check the websites for information as they will start this week.  Don’t be shy, it is about having fun.

    Remember we are here to help.  If you need help contact your teachers.  They can help!

    Once we get back to normal, hopefully this summer we will work with the Star Program to present COVID 19 Circus of the Sun live for the community.

    We are the Huskies of Olean
    Rough and ready we
    Sing sing sing
    Happy go lucky
    As we wish to beeee
    We are off to win for Olean
    As we must today
    So zip hurrah for the Huskies
    Of Olean New York
    Smile Huskies as we defeat COVID 19 together!
    Remember it takes all the huskies to pull the sled

    This is your fearless leader Mr. Moore signing off.