Internet Safety for Families

Internet Safety Resources

  • The Olean City School District takes Internet Safety very seriously.  Every year our students are taught key components about staying safe while on the Internet and on smart phones.  This instruction starts in kindergarten and goes through 12th grade.  All topics of Internet safety are taught on an age appropriate basis. The topics include:

    • cyberbullying and feelings of others that you may encounter line
    • safety while using your device like walking with a cell phone to Teen Texting Tendonitius
    • video games and communication within games and other apps
    • safety while using social media
    • twitter, facebook, instagram, tik tok, snap chat and other social media platforms
    • online predators
    • sexting and sharing of inappropriate photographs through texting or posting in social media
    • giving and receiving of personally identifiable information
    • social media and its influence on college admissions and job seeking
    • and many other topics

    We have currated a number of websites that will help you and your child discuss these important topics during this time of emergency remote learning:

Letter from Dr. Zuckerman

    784 MAIN STREET - TEL: (716) 372-3550
    OLEAN, NY 14760 - FAX: (716) 372-3555

    LICENSED PSYCHOLOGISTS                              


    April 29, 2020

    Dear School Administrator;

    First, we the undersigned community agencies who work with children, teens, and families want to extend our heartfelt appreciation for all you and your staff have invested in continuing the education of our children during the COVID 19 crisis. Your teachers are essential employees, continue instruction for our children, while working from home. Your districts provide not only instructional support, but also emotional support and delivery of  nutritional meals for children and families in need. For all your extraordinary efforts, we thank you.

    Ironically, the blessings of internet use for communication and instruction also bring a hidden danger. Increased time children spend using the internet, coupled with social isolation, and need for attention are being exploited by child predators of sexual abuse.

    To respond to this danger, we urge you to consider adding important information to your web pages, and other materials available to families, emphasizing the need for extra internet use precautions for children at this time.

    Common guidelines for families include adult monitoring of all electronic devices and phones by requiring their use in common rooms of the house, checking children’s online profiles and postings, review and approve of online gaming activities of their children. Additional parental guidelines include making sure electronic device privacy settings are at the highest possible level. Finally, there is no substitute for encouraging parent communication with children about the importance of informing them of any requests made for photographs or solicitations for sexual activity on line.

    The Department of Homeland Security, coupled with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have developed a program called  Project iGuardian to provide  schools and agencies with information and guidelines for families. Their webpage link is

    The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s program,  NetSmartz is another helpful resource and can be accessed at:

    Please feel welcome to contact any of our agencies should you have questions about disseminating important information, or supporting children and families. School staff and families are urged to respond to a suspected crime by calling the Sheriff’s office at (716) 938-9191 or the New York State Mandated Reporter Hotline at 1-800-635-1522.

    Again, thank you for all your dedicated work.


    Craig Zuckerman D.Ed.

    Licensed Psychologist


    This letter is supported by the following community agencies:

    Anne Miles, District Director  Catholic Charities Cattaraugus and Allegany Counties
    Karen Hill, The Southern Tier Child Advocacy Center
    Mary O’Leary, Director Cattaraugus County Department of Community Services
    Tina Zerbian, Cattaraugus Community Action
    Dr. Anthony L. Evans, Cattaraugus County Youth Bureau
    Lori Rieman, The Cattaraugus County District Attorney’s Office
    Sheriff Timothy Whitcomb, The Cattaraugus County Sherriff’s Office
    Mary Plonka, Miriam Center for Hope and Healing
    Darryl Bloom, The Cattaraugus County Public Defender’s Office
    Anthony Turano, Commissioner Cattaraugus County Department of Social Services
    Michael Sharbaugh, Cattaraugus County Director of Probation
    Council on Addition Recovery Services, Inc.
    Rachel Linderman, Prevention Director
    Rodney Valandra, Outpatient Clinic Director
    Lenny Liguori, Directions In Independent Living, Inc.