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OHS Soccer Receives Donation from Bona Reach

The Olean girls soccer team recieved a donation from BonaReach recently. The donation allowed the girls to but team gear. From BonaReach "The Olean High School Varsity Girls Soccer Team experienced difficulty financing uniforms entirely, and given this group's successes, we felt compelled to give a donation. Here are the November BRITE gift winners. Please attend future games and support the girls. Go Huskies!" From BonaReach: "Since our foundation in 2013 we have primarily invested efforts toward establishing a tutoring service which as the name implies offers voluntary undergraduate subject-specific instruction to needy high-schoolers. It is through these efforts that the approximately fifty students we’ve tutored reported enhanced academic performance in addition to enthusiasm for pursuing a collegiate education. More recently, BonaReach in 2017 underwent a restructuring for the purpose of initiating two new services, Elements of Bonas and Scholarship. The former is a newsletter compiling all professional events on campus, for example talks and club meetings, that is delivered electronically to local grade-school individuals so that they may participate in opportunities typically unavailable to them, while the latter makes use of grants procured from the university, external nonprofit organizations and local businesses in order to award partial monetary support to students for reading materials and stationary items through the SHRP and BRITE gifts. For SHRP we are trying to assist high school students from the local area in financing the cost of stationary items which rises yearly through a one hundred-dollar scholarship. As part of BRITE, because some individuals report not being able to participate in academic events, particularly science fairs or field trips, due to monetary restrictions, this gift is intended to cover costs up to fifty dollars. Our ultimate goal is to foster development of a community that promotes networking, information exchange and friendship as well as empower leaders to impart change. We are confident in doing so given the success of past ventures.